Need to grow and expand your business over France and Europe ? We are the solution.


You are a young tech company, or a startup and believe that this region has good potential for your product or service. We have several and flexible business development proposals to support your endeavour. We can:

  • represent your company part time or full time,
  • validate market potential and product acceptance,
  • present your product or service at exhibition, dedicated events, etc.


Taking advantage of a deep technical understanding in various domains like embedded software, digital electronics, security solutions, gateways, Digital TV, we highlight the value of your proposal, and efficiently promote to a new customer base.


This is particularly valid for new IoT, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain projects.

➭  Sales representative solution


We propose renewable year long sales agreement contract :

  • we provide an experienced business developper part time 1day,  2days per week or more depending of your needs
  • you get direct access to our customer base and networks
  • or identify and validate a new customer base selected upon your criterias, that is the starting point of promotion campaign
  • We combine the latest Outbound and Inbound marketing methods to optimize and accelerate your sales expansion



Several options are available


Simplicity Pack


  • Senior Business Developper
    • 1 day per week equivalent                 
  • Delivery
    • Targets selection
    • Customer database build up
    • LinkedIn Profile creation
    • Promotion e-mailing & Linkedin
    • Customer call
    • Appointment set up


  • Reward scheme
    • 2 350 € monthly fee
    • 100 € par appointment, to be set upon business case

High Tech Pack


  • Senior Business Developper
    • 2 days per week                                  
  • Delivery
    • Targets selection
    • Customer database build up
    • LinkedIn Profile creation
    • Promotion e-mailing & Linkedin
    • Customer call
    • Appointment set up
    • Opportunities follow up
    • Promotion Material production 
  • Reward scheme
    • 3 400 € monthly fee
    • Variable reward set upon business case



  • Field presence
    • Exhibition stand
    • Conference speaker
    • Customer visit                                             
  • Promotion campaigns
    • Cold mailing / Newsletter
    • Social Selling
    • Roadshow 
  • Effort/ allocated ressources modulation versus needs

➭Selling Tech Innovation: why experience matters

You are a start-up or a mature corporation that put a lot of effort to enter a new market with innovative product. Your enthusiasm is at the highest, and you are developing now your go-to-market planto enter European market.


Start point is your product or service, you assessed that it brings high value to customers and is going to shake the market place. You have no doubt about the coming success.


The confidence that you place in your product is a good asset that you need to develop. While putting in place your marketing plan, it is worth to look at some of the challenges:

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CI-Services will help you to expand over France and Europe
Much faster than recruitment, an experiencesd BizDev also shorten training time and leverage his network to accelerate path to customers. Solution minimizes the financial risk as support is exactly sized to the needs and cost is associated to results. Selecting this option, you get time to better structure your organisation while keeping full control of operations through CRM in Saas mode.
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